Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award

Aditya Kanakasabapathy

Aditya3-219x300Congratulations to Aditya Kanakasabapathy for being selected as the 2013 NAGC Nicholas Green Award Winner from New York State. Aditya will be awarded a $100.00 treasury bond from AGATE New York and national recognition from NAGC, the National Association for Gifted Children. This award is offered in memory of Nicholas Green to recognize distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts in children grades 3-6. The Greens started the program for the Distinguished Students Award, in their son’s memory, because they wanted to encourage and recognize children who are working hard to develop their unique gifts and talents and use these gifts to improve themselves and help others.

Aditya is a well -rounded young man and outstanding candidate for this award. Aditya’s commitment to excellence in academics and service to his school and community are evident in his accomplishments as a student and school council leader. He has chosen to take action to improve the community in which he lives and voice the needs of his peers.

Aditya, a sixth grader, was elected to his school council and worked hard to raise awareness of bullying and put a stop to this abusive behavior. “Watching my friend being bullied ever since we were in first grade was very painful. It got me thinking about wanting to do something to put an end to this.” Because of his efforts to enact an anti-bullying campaign in his school and community reported instances of bullying either lowered or stopped.

Aditya notes that “A key attribute to being a good leader is being a good speaker but more importantly a good listener and working to address any concerns one hears.” In his “listening” Aditya became aware that the school he attended was at risk for closing causing teachers to lose their jobs, children to have to change schools, and classrooms to become more crowded. Mr. Rakoczy, Aditya’s school principal, states “After hearing information about the potential closing of our middle school, Aditya organized a petition on his own amongst students in support of remaining open.” His actions earned him an opportunity to be one of two district students to serve on a facilities committee charged with discussing how to best utilize district buildings. Subsequently, the school currently remains open.

In addition, Aditya has demonstrated compassion towards others and used his talents to provide opportunity for fellow learners. “There are two things I am passionate about: reading and helping others.

Aditya used his passion for reading to earn $600.00 in the Pratham readathon to raise money to send to India to help less fortunate children receive an education. He was recognized as the highest contributor in his tri-state area.
Aditya is a dedicated student receiving high grades in all subjects. He particularly enjoys science because he likes to use his logic and reasoning skills. He also enjoys robotics, web design, art, Tae-Kwon-Do, and playing the Mridangam (South Indian classical drum).

For the future, Aditya plans to continue to explore his skills and grow his confidence as a leader and work hard on his academics to achieve his goal to become a lawyer or a doctor. We are pleased to announce Aditya Kanakasabapathy as our Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award Winner; congratulations Aditya, and well done!