Swindler Sam and the Power Boxes: Gifted Kids Find the Power Within

Authored by Andrea Ericson Yawman

SwindlerSamBookSwindler Sam slithers into town and tries to sell exotic boxes by misleading children into thinking that the boxes contain special powers. The students discover that they already possess the power they need to effect change and find joy in their lives. A fun quiz, advice, and resources follow the story.

This book was written to empower gifted children (and all children) to advocate for their needs. Sometimes gifted children need teachers to recognize that they have unique talents and interests that should be addressed and utilized in school. Some gifted students feel isolated and need to work with like-minded peers. Some gifted students suffer from perfectionism and need help recognizing that hard work and effort are even more important than perfect results. Some gifted students have a sense of humor that is not always appreciated in school settings because it is viewed as disruptive.

Gifted students, and all students, face struggles and have individual needs. With a positive, problem-solving mindset, challenges can be overcome, and children can learn to advocate for themselves.

Recommended for children in grades 2 – 5, teachers and parents.