Urgent: Call or Write U.S. Representatives NOW!

The most important thing advocates can do is to contact your Representative and urge him or her to support gifted and talented students by asking the ESEA Conference Committee to accept the gifted education provisions from S.1177, the Senate version of ESEA, as they conduct their deliberations.

Link to Summer Assignment: Contact Congress

This is because the House version of the bill omits provisions in the Senate version. According to NAGC, “Thanks to Senate supporters, priorities for federal leadership in gifted education from the TALENT Act (S.363) were made part of ESEA. For example, state-level Title II plans must include information about how the state will improve the skills of teachers, principals, and other school leaders in identifying gifted and talented students and providing instruction based on their specific learning needs. In addition, school district Title II funds must address the learning needs of gifted and talented students.”