Will Gifted Education Weather the Common Core?


According to a study by the Fordham Institute,  some districts and states believe that the Common Core gives them a reason to “ditch” services for gifted students, equating the standards with advanced education.

“The Common Core was really meant to be a floor and not a ceiling,” said Jonathan Plucker, a professor of education at the University of Connecticut and an expert in gifted education, who wrote the Fordham paper examining the situation for high-achieving students.

According to his findings, the existence of the learning standards is being used “in some places” to justify reducing or scrapping gifted education services “on grounds that the new universal standards are more challenging than what came before them.”

State and local education leaders need to eliminate policies that limit the learning done by advanced students.

A recorded webinar that features Plucker is available online.

This information was excerpted from T.H.E. (Transforming Education Through Technology). The article author is Dian Schaffhauser